KubeCloud started out as a master's thesis project but is currently a blog about cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, containers, other CNCF projects, and other interesting topics in this field.
During our time of writing the previously mentioned master's thesis, we developed a small-scale tangible cloud computing environment running Kubernetes on Raspberry Pis for educational purposes.


Martin Jensen

Welcome to our blog, KubeCloud.

I am a curious software engineer with a great interest in cloud computing, the paradigm shift it brings, and the technologies behind. Among the specific technologies, I am very fascinated by containers (e.g. docker), what they can enable in conjunction with a great orchestrator (Kubernetes), and a lot of the other CNCF projects. Furthermore, I spend my time writing Go.

I hold a master's degree in Computer Engineering from the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University. My specialization is within distributed systems and software engineering.

Kasper Nissen

Hello there, thanking you for taking the time!

I have a great interest in technology, entrepreneurship, bridging business and technology and basically just creating awesome things. I have a passion for creating great software solutions with every part of the process in mind. From the requirements elicitation process, to sketching and architecting the solution, to the construction and making sure the solution fits the users needs.

I hold a B.Sc.Eng in information and communication technology with a weighted average of 10.48 in the danish 7-point grading scale from Aarhus University School of Engineering. I'm currently studying Master of Science in Computer Engineering at Aarhus University School of Engineering and are at the moment in the process of writing my master thesis.

As a person, I’m always interested in learning new things, I thrive on responsibility and love to be innovative and find new ways of doing things. I consider myself a creative and multitalented person, i especially like to work with concept development, design and the technical implementation.